1. Happy Birthday, Marshall “Ras MG” Goodman!

    Happy Birthday to Marshall “Ras MG” Goodman who was a big part of Sublime’s sound and The Field Marshall behind the turntables and drums of many Sublime classics!

    Here’s some rare footage of Ras MG on drums!

  2. Sublime ‘Thanx’ Playlist Now On Spotify!

    Ever wonder who all those artists are that Sublime thanked on “Thanx" from 40oz to Freedom? Check out the playlist now on Spotify!

  3. ’Santeria’ was released as a single on this day in ’97!

    19 years ago today, Sublime released 'Santeria' as a single off their self-titled album. The song shot up the charts hitting No. 3 on the Modern Rock Chart and No. 43 on the Billboard Hot 100. It still remains one of Sublime’s most popular tracks today!

  4. New Limited Edition Song Lyric Tee By Troy and Jake!

    December's Limited Edition Song Lyric Tee:

    Another classic, Bad Fish brings to mind times when you're on the "wagon" but fall off the boat and start drinking like a fish again, thus "Baby Are You A Bad Fish Too"


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