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  1. chileno avatar

    On 11.15.14 at 8:11 AM, chileno said:

    Rome Ramirez eres una mala copia .....nowell & sublime same

  2. Boeser123191 avatar

    On 05.12.12 at 7:52 PM, Boeser123191 said:

    are you talking about when they say "doin' time" instead of "summertime?" yea it was originally doin' time. The reason they changed it to "summertime" is cuz this song is (very loosely) a cover of a song from the opera "porgy & bess" called "summertime." and they were forced to change it to use the samples for it. Fun fact: brad doesn't sing the "summertime" part. Miguel Happoldt, the producer for the sublime album, recorded it. Brad was already dead by the time they found out they had to change that lyric. On the Sublime 10th Anniversary re-release, and a few other sublime albums, you will find this version, the original version, of doin' time.

  3. caleb2dope avatar

    On 04.13.11 at 11:38 AM, caleb2dope said:

    cant wait until they play at lakewood with 311.. hell yeah my 2 favorite bands in one day

  4. chillinwithbraddub avatar

    On 03.31.11 at 3:23 PM, chillinwithbraddub said:

    why did they change the lyrics?

  5. sohappystoned avatar

    On 03.22.11 at 11:55 PM, sohappystoned said:

    I love this song. It makes my heart float, thinking back to all the good times.

  6. chillinvillin avatar

    On 03.03.11 at 9:38 PM, chillinvillin said:

    must sing with

  7. jimbopitts avatar

    On 02.12.11 at 12:05 PM, jimbopitts said:

    Balls Awesome? You retard

  8. bacon avatar

    On 12.09.10 at 9:25 PM, bacon said:

    i had a subliminal orgasm listening to this!!!

  9. MA5T3R_M avatar

    On 12.08.10 at 7:05 PM, MA5T3R_M said:

    That was balls AWESOME!!!

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