1. ChelseaDagger69 avatar

    On 07.17.13 at 8:22 AM, ChelseaDagger69 said:

    Haha Love this. Ill be a bad fish if your a bad fish!

  2. rocksteady1 avatar

    On 05.10.11 at 1:29 PM, rocksteady1 said:

    can never go the wrong-way with a classic like that. nice choice bro.

  3. becccamonster avatar

    On 04.14.11 at 3:11 PM, becccamonster said:


  4. ImABadfish2 avatar

    On 03.17.11 at 1:28 PM, ImABadfish2 said:

    nice. love a tat that doesn't try to shove band art in peoples face. (not that i don't love the sun...but this is a much more unique route.

  5. flynny92 avatar

    On 03.17.11 at 12:47 PM, flynny92 said:

    Yeah man thats what im talking about! im lovin the font too! its a nice change to seeing people with shitty band tatts!

  6. justinetapia avatar

    On 03.17.11 at 10:43 AM, justinetapia said:

    i love this!!

  7. Miss Andi avatar

    On 03.03.11 at 7:32 PM, Miss Andi said:

    I love that!

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